We manage three of the 250 summer Farmers Markets in Massachusetts. These include Copley Square Market in downtown Boston, Davis Square Market in Somerville, and Central Square Market in Cambridge. If you are interested in selling your product at one of these markets, please fill out the relevant application here.

If you are interested in applying for other markets that we do not manage, please contact the manager of that market to find out about their application process. Each of the farmers markets in Massachusetts is operated independently by individuals, community groups or municipalities, and each has its own set of rules and procedures. The fastest way to contact the market manager is to Google the name of the market. Most markets have websites or an FB profile, and often there is information for vendors.

We also have a list of all other markets (not managed by MFM), including the information of locations, managers, websites, products, etc.

Resources For You:

Click Here to view links for various resources to help you operate in the farmers market industry. If you know of links that you do not see listed here, please email us to tell us about it. We will add new links as we become aware of them.
Our staff is here to help with your specific needs. We must, of course, prioritize service to our members. Non-members please be patient with us. Please join us as we work to support all farmers markets in our state.

Need help with HIP? CISA has some great info about the HIP Onboarding Process. If you need a bit more assistance, please contact one of our on-site HIP Coordinators, Danielle Gervais or Rebecca Miller.

Manage Your Information:

Register with MFM now to be able to update your information before your market opens!

You now are able to modify your information, location, and list the markets that you attend as well as the products that offer. You can update your listing as often as you like…we recommend updating on a weekly basis during market season.

How To Join Us: